Privacy Policy

Under State law (NCGS 132-1) , the information on is a public record and is “the property of the people.” It is the position of Cary that the people may inspect, copy, and download public records and public information free or at minimal cost unless the law says otherwise. As a courtesy and for the benefit of third parties, the Town requests that those who take any part of documents, graphics, video, audio, photographs, or other content of public record for use elsewhere attribute that content to Cary, North Carolina.

Most of the information collected via the Town’s web site and the Town’s short code text messaging programs is also public record. This includes the email addresses of those who subscribe to the website’s electronic mailing lists, the user profile data routinely collected by the Town from visitors to the site and the phone numbers of those who use the short code programs. The Town operates separate short code programs for marketing and case alerts.

User information routinely captured includes the:

Cary uses this information to make the website and short code programs more useful to users. The Town strictly abides by the Public Records Law and other laws, and neither promotes nor profits from the sale of any public information on the website or obtained via the short code programs.