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Downtown Cary Park Locations

Academy Pavilion & Plaza

Directly north of Frantz Square, stands Academy Pavilion. Inside you’ll find a Market 317, restrooms and an event space. The building winds its way through Academy Plaza where park-goers can enjoy lunches, meetings and an interactive fountain. The plaza is shaded by oak trees and includes an overlook of the Park.


Discover a one-of-a-kind dog park and play space complete with tunnels, interactive water features, play mounds and logs, small hills and more. The Barkyard is a place to let your pup run free and connect with other dog lovers in your community.

Gathering House and Garden

Situated in a quiet corner of the Park, the Gathering House features 28 French doors which open to create an indoor/outdoor space. Beyond the doors lies the Gathering Garden which incorporates existing trees and many new plantings.

Great Lawn & Pavilion

At the center of the Park, a well-equipped performance pavilion provides infrastructure to host large events, and allows for more intimate experiences. From the Great Lawn visitors will enjoy concerts, movies, yoga classes and much more.

Market 317

Located in Academy Pavilion, Market 317 is an elevated grab and go style café that offers delicious sandwiches, charcuterie boards and more.

Park Street Courts

Lining Park Street is the Park’s active recreation area. Here you can expect table tennis rivalries, volleyball matches and putt-offs among friends. Park Street can be used as a flexible space for pop-up markets, food trucks and the Cary Farmer’s Market.


Floating 17 feet above the eastern side of the Park is the Skywalk – an elevated walkway that lifts you into the tree canopy and offers a new perspective of the Park.

The Bark Bar

Enjoy craft beer, wine, non-alcoholic beverages and light snacks right beside the Barkyard.

The Nest

The Nest is the perfect spot for all to enjoy imaginative play. Two iconic cardinal play structures serve as the anchors, while a splash pad will provide fun during hot days. There are also multiple slides and a toddler play area so that the fun never stops.

Tiered Water Feature

The Park’s tiered water feature was designed to improve water quality, mitigate flooding downstream and add to the Park’s aesthetics. Willow Isle is an island in the lower pond that features a public art piece, L’ILE FOLIE, that will provide shade for relaxing. 

Frantz Square

Frantz Square encompasses the corner of Academy Street and Dry Avenue and includes Cary’s iconic fountain, public art and multipurpose lawn for events and rentals.

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